Are you a first home buyer?

Buying your first home is a major financial decision that should not be taken lightly. John will help guide you on what you will need to budget each month and how much of a deposit you will need to buy your first home. Government assistance is available for eligible first home buyers, but these programs vary widely from state to state. John can help you understand what you are eligible for and find you the best home loan rates.
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Do you want the best rates?


John can assist you in finding the lowest rate currently available. With over 25 lenders to choose from, and years helping people like you find the perfect home loan, it makes sense to seek the advice of a qualified professional before you lock yourself into one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.   John will also help you set-up the right structure with the right lender.

Looking for Invesment help?

Investment properties have many benefits when building long-term wealth. If you take the time and select your investment properties well, property can deliver good returns for long-term investors.

John has helped many people enter into the property investment market, building their wealth and setting up the appropriate financial structures and plans. John can help you to secure a suitable loan that will help to minimise your risk and maximise your return.

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Come in and See John and Jo at Mortgage Choice in Croydon and Melbourne CBD
Come in and see John and Jo at Mortgage Choice in either our Croydon office or our Bourke Street office in Melbourne. John can help you find the best rate for your home loan, assist you with property investment loans and ensure first home buyers receive all of their entitlements.
Mortgage Choice professionals are a free service and have 25 lenders on their books. That means our calculators find the best product and rate tailored exactly to your needs.

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Why Choose Mortgage Choice

First Home Buyer Consultations

Come in and see John and find out what you need to get into your first home. As of the 1St of July 2017 the government announced new incentives for first home buyers. Find out if you are eligible.

Refinancing your current loan

John can quickly and easily find out if you qualify for a better, cheaper interest rate on your home loan. With over 20 lenders John has access to hundreds of products to make sure you have the very best rate and product.

Business Asset Finance

Are you looking to upgrade plant and equipment? Come and chat to John to make sure you get the best rate for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgage Choice brokers are a free service. That means you can make a consultation with John to go over the best rates and products with over 20 lenders giving you the choice of hundreds of products.
John will help you find out very easily and quickly how much you can borrow, what your monthly repayments will be and how much deposit you will need to buy your first home or your next home.
If you are keen to build your property portfolio then come in and see John. Mortgage Choice are experienced in helping people get into the property investment market. We hold investment seminars in our Croydon office. Ring John to find out more.
Download our PDF to find out more on Fixed vs Variable Rates.

There are 3 answers when it comes to a Home Loan – Yes, No and WOW.
WOW is what we deliver at Mortgage Choice!

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